Dining: An experience of cultures with food!

Extra: Now treat yourself to a leisurely morning breakfast in our spacious accommodation. Our hospitality precedes our words. Whether it’s a party or a lunch in the comfort of your room, we provide you with outstanding bespoke catering with a smile at just a button press.


With a maximum capacity of 50 people, Entree is the perfect restaurant offered by Comrade Inn. With spacious seating arrangements and innate wall decors, while getting a glimpse of the great valleys covered in Cedar trees, Entree is perfect for the best dining experience.  Our chefs have carefully curated the menu so as to offer you sumptuous meals. Our motto is to make each dining experience a memory to cherish for long!


It is our motto for you to experience this heavenly valley through our authentic Kashmiri cuisine. Ensuring to give you an undiluted experience, Plated has a special menu including all kinds of unique regional cuisines for our residents of Comrade Inn. Our chefs prepare the food while giving that local touch and plate them in traditional style. Our menu also includes Indian, Continental, and Chinese dishes so that you can dabble around with cuisine. Do you wish to eat authentic some Kashmiri Cuisines too? Make an early request and our chefs will offer you perfect state food. We promise to give you a tongue affair to cherish forever. Plated has a capacity for 48 people to dine in and enjoy delicious meals.

Cafe Around the Corner

Heaven, thy name is Dessert!
Debate no more which dessert is the best!

Cafe Around the Corner is at your rescue! Whether you are sad, happy, young or old, you need no reason to have a delicious dessert. We offer fresh coffee, tea with home-made pastries and cake. This cafe is an amazing place where one can rejuvenate while the sweet tooth enjoys the magic of chocolate and cakes! Not only cakes, but we have ensured to curate some amazing mocktails, delicious sandwiches and other bakery items. Check out Entree for a sweet experience.

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Want to throw a small party while staying in Comrade Inn? Want to host a surprise birthday party for your loved ones?

Choose to Dine on exquisite cuisines by the majestic mountains. Whether it’s a sunkissed lunch on a pleasant chilly afternoon or enjoying a sumptuous dinner under a clear night sky, the Rooftop is perfect for your food and nature experience.

Food is indeed more than a tongue affair.

Rooftop is a quintessential banquet hall that serves Indian, Asian and Continental cuisine. We serve food only for special occasions that are held in the Rooftop Banquet Hall on special requests for in-house guests only.


Want to pass an evening in the pleasant company while enjoying a shisha of your preferred flavour?

Smoking sheesha while enjoying the snow-capped mountains view is a luxurious experience that one must not miss!

Check out Sheesha is an open quintessential smoking area located on the top floor, surrounded by a large window, offering you panoramic views of the Great Himalayas!

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Meetings and Conferences

Comrade Inn offers you an in- house venue for holding conferences, business meetings, seminars, exhibitions and training workshops.